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Monday, November 30, 2009

Khye moments…

Today I asked Khye what he would like to eat for lunch and he answered with “a cow mummy”! Here is the cow: He is made of a pineapple body, banana head, sultana eyes, apricot wedge ears and cheese legs. Of course he ate the cheese and nothing else!
The other day Khye had been chatting to white teddy in the dining room when everything became very quiet. I went to check what was happening. This is what had happened!:
Last week Khye was playing outside on the deck and I could hear him chatting away to himself…but it was echoey. I went outside to find him inside the clothes dryer!:

Hopefully there are many, many more Khye moments to come!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet the new arrivals …

These three are now available in the spunkee online store.

The following two giraffes were the first ones I made and they didn’t make it to the store. Khye decided to have the green giraffe and he gave the red one to Maya. I haven’t even had a chance to embroider their eyes yet!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Callignee update

We went back to Callignee for a couple of days recently. It doesn’t look quite so black and stark now. The trees are looking fluffy, the spring flowers have popped up, the grass has grown and the weeds have come back with a vengeance. Mum and Dad still have a lot of work to do cleaning up, building the woodshed and keeping the weeds under control, along with plenty of other things too. Here are some photos from our recent visit in November and an earlier visit in July.

Mum’s garden is looking beautiful once again:

A fantastic piece of molten metal found under one of the burnt out cars (it's about 5cm wide):

One of Mum’s sculptures made from the rusty bits of scrap metal found inside the cars:

I love her boobs!

The new front gate is in:

The current woodpile:

And the beginnings of Dad's new woodshed:

Around Callignee:

It’s sad to see so much clearing going on – these poor tree ferns are the only things left in this gully:

Untouched natural regeneration in the Flora Reserve:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seth's Garden...

... is flowering for the 2 year anniversary of his death.

We miss you Seth. xx

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