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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Holiday Hooking

It’s taken Maya quite some time to warm up to this hat. But thankfully all that crocheting, unraveling, crocheting, unraveling ... etc hasn’t gone to waste and she finally approves of her new sun hat. Once again there was no pattern, it was very experimental. I used a shell pattern in rounds and it was a bit of a challenge working out where to increase and how to increase, hence the unraveling. I think it has worked out okay except the brim is a bit floppier than I had hope for. But in an attempt to broaden it and reduce the floppiness, I double crocheted over a plastic cord around the edge.
It’s still a bit floppy but at least it keeps the sun off and it does look quite cute with her colour coordinated drink bottle!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The planet is round…

…and I haven’t fallen off the face of it.

The busy but fun summer has distracted me from blogging and I’ve loved the break. Of course there’s been no break from the creating though.

I crocheted a couple of cushion covers dottie angel style. And now I’m trying to find the motivation to do the boring bits – sewing up the cushions.
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