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Monday, March 29, 2010

My gorgeous babies

Just thought I would post a beautiful picture of my babies, Khye and Maya. My mum, Merrilyn Ward, painted this for us. I have hung it in a prominent spot so we can see it and admire it every time we walk past. Thanks Mum. I love it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I love Sundays!

Not only do I get to play Shadow Shot Sunday, but I also get to show off my collection of treasures found during the week by playing along with Flea Market Finds. This week though it’s not only things I’ve found …

I received this nice set of glasses and jug from Sean and the kids for my birthday last week. He picked it up at a garage sale and was told it is Israeli glass. Does anyone know anything about Israeli glass? This set is made from frosted glass and hand painted.
These fabrics were added to my collection this week – a pillowcase and chenille dressing gown and aprons from Mum’s stash.

Mum also gave me some dresses that I used to wear including this gorgeous genuine 1970’s dress that she made. It’ll be a few more years yet before Maya is wearing this.
Mum also gave Maya this gorgeous cotton hat.

And this apron – I don’t think I can cut this one up. I don’t wear aprons but maybe I could make it into a skirt for Maya??
Mum also gave me some wool scraps to go with the couple of pure wool jumpers I picked up this week. They’re such scrummy colours together but the crappy photo from the crappy camera doesn’t really show how beautiful they are. Khye is having a holiday at Grandma and Grandad’s house this week so hopefully I will find some time to use these fabrics – stay tuned to My Creative Space this Thursday.

Shadow Shot Sunday

I am loving Shadow Shot Sunday. I am observing the world in a different way and finding heaps of shadows in places I would otherwise have ignored. With all these shadow shots I might have to start playing Shadow Shot Saturday too!

I’m also loving these beautiful autumn sunrises. There was a particularly orange sunrise this week as it shone through all the smoke from the controlled burning happening in the Dandenongs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space

It was fantastic having Mum here for a few days to help me out with the kiddies and get the house organised. No photos though ‘cos it’s already starting to look messy again. I can’t believe how quickly the housework piles up when you have kids.

There’s been lots of sewing this week though, but I have nothing finished to show. I can show my actual creative space though...... a tiny desk in the corner of the dining room.

My pincushion for the swap is coming along okay and I hope my swap partner likes it. I’m also looking forward to upgrading my old tomato pincushion that I got for my 21st many years ago!
I also "dabbled" in a bit of cake decorating this week. I made a chocolate ripple hungry caterpillar cake for Khye's 3rd birthday. Yes it looks a bit odd (and the photo is not a good one).
My excuse is it was made at 10pm. Somehow I don't think I'm cut out for cake decorating. But I think Khye enjoyed it ... if he could see it through his glasses! (They’re vintage showbag glasses, about 25 years old!)
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Actually all op shop finds again this week.

These gorgeous glass vases.

A lovely yellow floral apron.

A couple of fantastic wood jigsaw puzzles for Khye.

A few pretty lace doilies/tablecloth including these two – my favourites.

This pretty appliqu├ęd and embroidered napkin.

A couple more jumpers for making softies (if I ever find time sew again!). The top jumper is angora and the bottom is 100% cashmere and so scrumptiously soft.
And a few bits and pieces for the sewing box.
I’m looking forward to checking out everyone else’s finds over
Her Library Adventures.

Shadow Shot Sunday

A beautiful March sunrise through our bedroom window. I took a billion photos 'cos the light kept changing, but I think these are my favourites.

Ooops I forgot to add the link to Harriet's blog where you can see heaps of other shadow shots.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Creative Space

Yesterday I found myself with a couple of spare hours before Khye came home from childcare. I had just fed Maya and she was in bed. I walked into the kitchen… …and sighed at the state of it.

I went to the lounge… …and shook my head at the trail of toys.

I stepped into the hallway… …and rolled my eyes at the mountains of washing.

I looked into the study… …and groaned at the piles of mess.

I walked up to the bedroom… …and tsked at the unmade bed.

I felt really tired at the thought of it all, so I threw my hands into the air as if surrendering to the mess and said “Bugger it all, I’m going to sew!”

So I did! I unpacked the sewing machine, and sorted my cut out bits of fabric from last week into colour piles, and started sewing … for all of about 10 minutes. Sigh… Maya decided she didn’t want to sleep after all and she wasn’t content playing on the floor. No she wanted cuddles and how could I pass up cuddles with my gorgeous little girl!

Thank god for Mums though. Mine arrives in about half an hour for a few days and hopefully I can get this house sorted out while she’s here.

There was another more successful sewing session earlier in the week. Maya was asleep and Khye was outside helping Daddy mow the lawn. It gave me time to sew up the dinosaur tail I had promised to make for Khye. It worked out really well using green fabric and the fringe from a green wool shawl. And Khye loves dinosaur dancing in the garden!

The rest of my creative space this week is filled with thoughts of pincushions and retro somethings.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Place and Yours

Pink… I didn’t think I had any pink in this house apart from fabric and Maya’s clothes. (It’s pretty difficult to avoid pink when there are girls about.) But when I went looking, I did find some pink.

Pink wool blankets on our (unmade) bed.

Pink cross stitch that my sister in law made for me many years ago, hanging above my sewing desk.

Pink teddy pastel painting that Mum painted of my favourite teddies when I was little.

Silk scarf painted by mum 22 years ago, that I used to wrap a canvas and hang in Khye’s bedroom.

Pink indian sari patchwork given to me by a good friend for my 30th birthday. (not a very good photo I know)

Oh yeah and pink door handles throughout our house.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Op Shop Treasures

I found some exciting treasures this week at my regular op shops, a couple of new op shops and the Saturday garage sales. There were 5 garage sales within walking distance of our house this week and Maya and I enjoyed a nice sunny morning walk hunting for treasures. My favourites this week are these beautiful vintage skittles and cute wall shelf.Unfortunately there was one skittle missing, but the sellers at the garage sale think that they will find it in their clean up. They have my phone number so hopefully I hear from them. Fingers and toes are crossed!

Another favourite are more floral sheets to add to the collection. I can feel a quilt a-brewing…

And yet another favourite from this weeks treasures are these books. Kaffe Fassett was a huge inspiration for me back in high school – actually he still is very inspirational and I love his work. I cannot believe I found this book for only $3.

The other two books are from the 1960’s and 70’s. I love these birds from The Stitchery Book.
And these softies from the Handicrafts book.

Hope you all had some great finds this week too and I’m looking forward to visiting
Her Library Adventures to check them out!

Shadow Shot Sunday

Beautiful weather we have had lately. Beautiful for washing. Beautiful for shadows!

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