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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Place and Yours

Pink… I didn’t think I had any pink in this house apart from fabric and Maya’s clothes. (It’s pretty difficult to avoid pink when there are girls about.) But when I went looking, I did find some pink.

Pink wool blankets on our (unmade) bed.

Pink cross stitch that my sister in law made for me many years ago, hanging above my sewing desk.

Pink teddy pastel painting that Mum painted of my favourite teddies when I was little.

Silk scarf painted by mum 22 years ago, that I used to wrap a canvas and hang in Khye’s bedroom.

Pink indian sari patchwork given to me by a good friend for my 30th birthday. (not a very good photo I know)

Oh yeah and pink door handles throughout our house.

Visit hello owl for more pink!


Little Ted Canvas said...

I'm a big fan of pink. I didn't participate because I just couldn't choose, amazing considering I live in a house of males...I do love your pink blanket especially!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

your pink door handles are vintage 80s. but i love the patchworks ... beautiful pieces of art.

Jennie said...

The scarf looks so beautiful on the wall!

clare's craftroom said...

Wow your Mum is so talented , I love the teddy bear what a treasure you have !

Jackie said...

Love the Scarf, it looks wonderful hanging on the wall!!!

Lauren said...

ha the doorknobs are cool!

Sarah Slaven said...

The teddies are very cute your mum is very talented

Bea said...

Pink door knobs? Really? I love them! What a beautiful scarf!

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