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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space is preparing for winter…

…with these little slippers. I crocheted them for Maya but after lightly felting them, her feet barely fit into them. So I have given them to my friend’s little 3 month old daughter whose feet are waaay too small yet.

Speaking of the gorgeous little girl, I forgot to show you what I made for her when she was born.
This is my first crocheted blanket, made before I worked out that you can actually join the motifs as you crochet them.
So many hours were spent (unnecessarily) stitching all these hexagons together.
Hopefully it is keeping her nice and cosy with the cooler weather we have been having this season.

And hopefully she is having fun playing “where is the white sheep” with this softie I made from an opped cotton and silk knitted jumper.

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