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Monday, March 8, 2010

Stormy photos

Wow weren’t the storms in Melbourne wild? Out here we were only hit by the edges of the storm – bit of lightning, thunder, heavy rains and luckily no hail. But we did have some amazing clouds whipping up around us.
And here is another stormy photo from a couple of months ago that I just thought I’d share.
I’m playing along with
Shadow Shot Sunday, but I don’t know that my shadow photos are going to stack up against Harriet’s and everyone else’s beautiful photos. I’ll give it a go anyway and keep my eyes peeled for beautiful shadows during the week.


Sugar and Spice Childrens Market said...

Thank goodness we were spared the destructive hail, the rain was lovely though!!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Great photo's! Wasn't it crazy, we had rain poring into our living room & spare room! Thank goodness for floorboards!

Sarah said...

Wow such dramatic skies! Love the silhouettes of the trees against the stormy greys.

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