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Saturday, October 25, 2008

We’re back…

And it’s nice to be home but it would be nice to still be on holiday too. It was a beautiful, sunny 28 degree day when we left Maroochydore and as we were coming into land at Melbourne the pilot announced it was only 15 degrees!!!

We had a fantastic holiday. We stayed at Glen Eden Beach Resort in Peregian Beach, a cute little beach town about 10 minutes south of Noosa. Khye wasn’t too happy about the beach – I don’t think he liked the waves and he kept a very close eye on them to make sure dad wasn’t swept away!

We encouraged him towards the water,

and tried to distract him with the shells on the sand,

but he wouldn’t have a bar of it and walked away waving bye-bye!

We did lots of driving (usually while Khye was having an afternoon sleep in the back) and lots of walking. We went to the Eumundi Markets and the Peregian Beach Market where there were lots of art and craft stalls and I got loads of inspiration. We stopped off at lots of playgrounds for Khye and he had a great time! We also did the touristy things and went to the Big Pineapple,

and Australia Zoo where Khye loved the crocodiles, elephants and the tigers. He was so excited to see this one come rushing up to him at the window!

There was lots of wildlife at the resort including a snake that decided being inside our apartment was pretty nice and these brush turkeys that Khye enjoyed chasing!

Anyway the holiday just feels like a dream now. We had lots of fun and there was no sewing! (I’m getting stuck into it now though – only a week till the next market.)

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