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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday fun

Here’s a collection of images and sound from our holidays.

This was a last minute burst of sewing before christmas for Khye’s toys – it’s a bag that opens flat on the floor.

Some christmas pressies - how lucky am I?

Daddy’s little helper

The leather owl I made as a gift for mum

Khye ready to go “nunnel” (aka tunnel) hunting

nunnel hunting with Grandma

“more more nunnel”

Grandma’s garden is looking beautiful at the moment.

a fantastic op shop fabric find – a zebra just had to be made!

Sean has been very busy doing a wonderful job to transform our pink kitchen into a white kitchen.

This is the last thing I saw before leaving for work this morning.
And lastly I was going to post the most beautiful rendition of twinkle little star, but I had issues (we don’t have a USB2 port to download stuff from my mp3 player – stay tuned though, I will post it as soon as I can!)

Happy new year!

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