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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I op therefore I am...

Sean found this great blog the other day about op shopping in Melbourne. It lists and maps all the op shops in Melbourne - a fantastic resource! Here are my latest op shop bargains.
This children's wardrobe was actually spotted by Sean and it is perfect for all my wool jumpers and fabric. Hopefully it will all actually fit in the wardrobe! I also found the map in an op shop about 10 years ago and have finally framed it displayed it.
These are the latest wool jumpers I have found. Not sure what they might become yet ... maybe a pink turtle shell and a baby blue blanket...
And this knitting pattern book. I have been bitten by the knitting bug lately. I have knitted some booties (more on them another day once I have actually finished them) and have started knitting a vest for Khye using this pattern. I'm not a very fast or coordinated knitter so might take me a while to finish the vest!
Maybe the vest will be ready for baby no. 2 due in less than 2 weeks!

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