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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space has been very busy this week catching up after the flu last week rendered me useless for a whole three days. Luckily Khye was in care for two of those days and my wonderful mum came to stay and help out with Maya. She got up at 4:30am to catch the 5:30am train just to get here by about 8:45am! Thanks for your fantastic help mum.

Since recovering from those horrid fevers, chills, joint pain and head aches, I’ve been flat out preparing stacks of softies for the Sugar & Spice Children’s Market. There’s the usual herds of elephants, bales of turtles, towers of giraffes, flights of birds, and now a new parliament of owls,and a new colony of bunnies.
If you're near Woodend this Sunday, come and visit me and my menagerie of spunkee softies - we'd love to see you!

Sugar & Spice Children’s Market
St Ambrose Hall, Woodend
Sunday June 20
10am – 2pm
Free Entry


Tracey said...

oh I wish I was somewhere near Woodend this weekend! I adore your softies and love the photo of the owl on the sewing machine

Little Ted Canvas said...

Gorgeous!! I hope to get there, fingers crossed...glad you're on the mend, thank goodness for Mums!

Kelly Ingram said...

Love your owl softie - adorable!

Catherine said...

gorgeous - hope they have fun and find lovely new homes this weekend! glad to hear you're feeling better too...

Tinkerbell's Treehouse said...

Gorgeous autumn owl there! Hope to make it on Sunday....not sure as yet! Glad to hear you are feeling well now, that flu sounded nasty! Happy stitching!!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

have fun at the market ... that little owl is a winner.
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