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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Creative Space Full of Discoveries

I’ve discovered a few things this week:

1. My zygo cactus plants have started flowering.
2. The granny rug I fixed last week looks fantastic on Khye’s bed.
3. I can crochet while breastfeeding Maya.
4. The
balls of yarn I got from the op shop for her dress were different dyelots.Can you tell? The left looks more blue and the right looks more yellow. Bugger.
5. I discovered I missed 2 rows of crocheting but I’ve ignored it and I don’t think you can tell.

6. Even though my sewing space is tiny, it can be a beautiful place to work in the early mornings.
Unfortunately this gorgeous patch of sunshine only lasted a couple of minutes.

7. If you actually stop blogging and put the crocheting away, you can get lots of sewing and stuffing and handstitching done. There are stacks of softies slowly coming to life for the
Sugar & Spice Children’s Market.

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Little Ted Canvas said...

Wow you're one busy lady! That rug looks gorgeous, I love it.

melissa said...

Hey Renee, That granny rug looks beautiful you did a great repair job on it! I love your sewing nook!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

LOL... breastfeeding and crocheting I can not do as I can't crochet. But I can breastfeed and play the drums!! LOL The granny rug looks awesome!!

xo Steph

BOB & MABEL said...

You are very busy. Love the granny rug, it looks amazing.

Jill said...

That granny rug is beautiful!!

Your sewing corner looks great in that light!!

Love the cactus flower too!

angelina said...

what a nice creative space you have..

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

The mended rug looks smashing. I don’t think the dye lot issue is enough to stop that dress being super cute. And, oh, what we could all achieve if the call of the blogging world wasn’t so strong – especially on Thursdays….. But the community and inspiration we all gain from it has to be worth the time away from our doing.

Amanda said...

Love the granny square rug..They are just so fun to watch come together...

gemmipop said...

Lovely little spaces, I like noticing new things!x

Tricia said...

That Granny Rug is gorgeous!!!

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