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Monday, May 31, 2010

Not just another kids drawing

I know what you’re thinking - “Just another kids drawing.” But this one is special. It’s Khye’s first drawing of something recognisable. And look at that, it’s a picture of me! Khye tells me I have 4 legs and the thing in my left hand is apparently daddy. Poor Sean, all he gets is a scribble!

PS. Did anyone see the crocheted granny blanket in the combi on Dr. Who last night? I only got a glimpse of it but didn’t it look great on the backseat?! Can you believe it, it was Sean who noticed it first! I’ve never been so excited about Dr. Who before!


Tracey said...

oh yes, I noticed the granny too! Fab drawing by your little person, definitely one to keep

Tinkerbell's Treehouse said...

What a super picture! Well done Khye! Although, I never new you were part-Jellyfish Renee!
You'll have to find (or make) a nice frame for that lovely piece of art.

Little Ted Canvas said...

I agree, it's not just a drawing, it's SO exciting when your child's picture is actually an image of something recognisable - straight to the pool room!!

Marita said...

When my sister in law was hit hard by the quilting bug we used to play 'spot the quilt' on TV shows :D

Love the drawing, it is such a great moment that first recognisable picture :)

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