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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space...

... involves opped denim and upholstery fabric, extra strength upholstery thread, some "inspiration" from a well known Swedish homewares store catalogue, a child's plastic hoop and a beanbag pattern ... but I'm not making a beanbag. My brain is getting a work out (good preparation for my return to work in two weeks) and my newly serviced green machine is also getting a good work out with this project.I love this bedspread crocheted by my grandmother, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my beanbag that is not a beanbag. I just didn't want a photoless creative space. More on the "beanbag" when it's finished. Hopefully it is strong enough and works out okay!

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melissa said...

Hmmm....Im intrigued!

Christina said...

I'm intrigued too. I remember I bugged my parents for ages to have a bean bag and I finally got one in grade 12. When I moved out of home and went to Uni I brought my first pet, our big black cat that we still have. The bean bag did not last as long as the cat has. Kitty thought it felt like nice soft kitty litter... yuck!


Crochet with Raymond said...

Hello renee! I've just had a lovely catch up through your blog, wow, I love your sewing machine, it's the best! I am going to inherit my family's old foot pedal one at some stage, that's when I'll learn how to sew!!!! At least it will never blow up!! tee hee
and what a special story it has, a wedding gift from all that time ago.
The quilt is just lovely, more long and special memories!
Great stuff! Hope rugby gives back your hubby soon XXX

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