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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Market

The market on Sunday went really well and there was a lot more interest in my work. I think it was a combination of things that made this more successful than the last market. Firstly it was warmer than in July because there was no bitter wind. (But don't get me wrong - it was still cold with only 1 degree at 7am!) As a result there were more people at the market. Also I was in a better location. A site that everyone walked past. I also made my stall a bit more interesting by stringing some flags up over the stall and hanging the birds (see previous post titled "tweet, tweet") from the flags. The looked great and the breeze made the flags gently flap and the birds dance! I had planned to take a photo of the stall but I was so busy I forgot - next month.

It's funny what attracted a lot of attantion was Khye's high chair and his teddy that were used to demonstrate how the portable chair harnesses work. I could have sold the high chair and teddy five times over, but they're not for sale.
The teddy was a gift from Khye's uncle for christmas and he loves his teddy, giving him lots of kisses and cuddles! The high chair is a family antique that Khye's grandfather grew up with. Some where along the line it got painted silver, then blue and then came to us a bright yellow. Khye's dad stripped the paint off (that was a huge and fiddly job), refinished it and made a table for it.

In the beginning we were using belts to strap Khye into the chair, but that was fairly unsuccessful. Then a friend gave me a pattern for a harness which I have since adapted and refined to suit us. And we haven't looked back. We use a harness for Khye every meal and they have been fantastic. It beats using belts!

The harness has a symmetrical design and is fully reversible making it easy to use as it doesn't matter which way it goes on the chair. It can be used on most chairs and folds up small into the nappy bag making it perfect for going out. They are also machine washable. To use:

1. Simply tie one set of straps around the back of the chair.

2. Sit your child in the chair.

3. Lift the harness up between the child's legs.

4. Bring the straps around the child's waist and tie at the back of the chair.


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