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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Grandies

We had a nice couple of days earlier this week with Khye's Grandma and Grandad staying. I got a couple of hours out by myself on Monday morning while the Grandies had fun with Khye. All I did though was the boring grocery shopping! The Grandies headed home Tuesday morning after spending the previous couple of weeks travelling to the centre of Australia with the Peugeot Car Club.

Khye's Grandma, my mum, Merrilyn took her crocheting with her to do in the car. She has come back with another two nearly finished rugs - a blue one and a pink and purple one. They are looking absolutely beautiful. Below are two of her completed rugs.

They are made using a knitting and crochet technique called “scrumbling” where you use remnant yarns in a random and organic pattern. When the rugs are layed out on the floor Khye is fascinated by them. He heads straight for them and sits on them proudly and then crawls off to look at them and to feel the textures with his hands! Mum has used this technique to also make some gorgeous clutch purses.

A while ago, Grandma also crocheted, using this scrumbling technique, a soft toy for Khye and we called it “gruggle”. He loves his gruggle and she is one of his favourites. In fact, apart from mama and dada, gruggle was his first word!

My parents have been such an inspiration to me. My mum also paints and does patchwork and quilting and has recently been creating beautiful miniature artworks using the sand and pieces of rust she has collected on their numerous trips to the outback. My dad, Brian also works with wood creating turned items and making beautifully finished bush furniture. They have both exhibited their work, won awards for their work and had many market stalls. I have learnt a lot from them and they continue to inspire me.

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