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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun creative things to do with kids #1: - Reindeer Ears

Well they're not really ears but that's what Khye calls them. Yesterday we made some reindeer antlers. Khye's very creative Grandma gave me the idea, inspired the Eric Carle book "The mixed up chameleon" about a chameleon who wished to be more like other animals, including a reindeer.

It's a simple activity and all you need is some stiff paper or card, crayons or pencils or textas and some tape.
1. Ask your child to spread their hands on the paper or card and trace around them with a pencil.
2. While your child colours in the hands, cut a strip of paper, wrap it around your child's head and tape the ends together to create a headband.
3. Cut out the coloured hands.
4. Tape the hands to the headband.
5. Time to have fun pretending to be a reindeer! Or maybe pretending to be a chameleon wanting to be a reindeer!
I couldn't miss out on all the fun - I made myself some antlers too and we had great fun running around the garden pretending to be reindeer!
I'll have to remember this one for christmas. It would be fun to decorate the antlers with some christmassy glitter!
PS. Thought I might share with you the activities we have fun doing at home in a series of blog posts called "Fun creative things to do with kids". Hope you find it useful and enjoy it!

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