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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Op Shop Treasures

This week I’ve had a good run with the op shops. Apart from picking up some practical things like a hat for Khye, some clothes for Maya and a wasp trap for Sean (which I hope will also trap some of those darned flies), I also found some “treasures” for myself.

This lovely fabric covered Address and Telephone book.

I love green – I’m always drawn to green stuff.
I love the inside too. The index letters down the side almost look hand stamped with their imperfections.

But I have a dilemma, as I always do with these sorts of things. I don’t know whether to actually use it or not. If I use it the beauty of it might be spoiled but then what’s the point of having it cluttering up precious cupboard or bookshelf space. What I’ll probably end up doing is putting it away to “think” about and then forget about it! What do you think I should do – use it or not?

This beautiful silky scarf which Maya loves when I drape it over her. She loves the silky smooth texture on her hands and feet… and tongue!
And I love the orange and pink together with the black. It reminds me of this scarf I bought a few weeks ago.
I found two of these linen tea towels and although I’m not a huge fan of pink I really like these. I think it might actually be the greens that I like.
And the squirrel is my favourite panel.
I also found this yummy pure wool blanket. I love the woven pattern – it’s the same as a couple of other blankets we inherited from Sean’s grandparents and although they’re pink, I love them.
And lastly I picked up this kids wooden kitchen. I’ve been looking for a kitchen for a while and have resisted all the plastic kitchens I’ve seen and I’m so glad I did ‘cos this wooden version is great. The oven door is missing but that’s okay – I don’t think Khye has noticed. Last night he cooked us some yummy playdough pizzas!
I’ve been having lots of fun playing along with Sophie’s Flea Market Finds each week and checking out all the treasures other people have found.

Until next week, happy treasure hunting!


Christina said...

Wow, all those treasures are awesome and I would definitely use the phone book. I think that that is what someone else has done - loved it and put it aside - and then eventually given it away because they didn't use it.

And the kitchen! How cool is that! I am so very jealous! I have seen the wooden ones at Ikea and wanted to get one for Cohen, much to my husbands family disapproval, as boys 'don't play with ovens', even though most chefs are men. A friend is selling us their old cubby house which is complete with a kitcen! :)

Susan L (lily40au) said...

i so know what you mean ... i buy something because it's so pretty and then i'm terrified to use it. it's a crazy quandary. great finds though.

Amanda said...

it looks like the phone book would be a pleasure to use so maybe go for it?

that wooden kitchen is cool and the blanket is a great find

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh that kitchen is a great find! I've been searching for one just like it for my 3yr old who loves to be 'the cook'. As for the phone book - use it! It's gorgeous & practical...

Renee said...

Its looking like I should use the phone book, judging by your comments. Thanks for your help! I have also since discovered that someone has already started using it and written a couple names then used white out. I think I'll use it now!

sue said...

Yes yes use the book - you will value it so much more than if you "save" it! It is like using your pretty china only for "best" - use it whenever you feel like it I say! Great score with the kitchen - wooden toys are excellent!

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Oh I love your finds this week. What treats, I would have loved that kitchen when I was little! So cute! Thanks so much for playing along.
Sophie x

Vic said...


My kitchen... MINE!


Great find. I'm jealous... can you tell?

I have seen a great wooden one like that at the oppy before, but *sobs* it had "SOLD" stuck all over it. :(

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