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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oppie Treasures

It was another good week at the op shops with a few more treasures found. Apart from the pretty fairy dress and silver pixie shoes that Khye has been wearing all weekend (his father is horrified and refused to let me post photos - we'll save them for the 21st!) I also found this gorgeous little cloth dolly for Maya.
She needs a wash but her face is so pretty.
This light cotton market bag – I love green and spots!
I love the green lid and spots on this jar too!
I also found these wool jumpers. They are a bit rare during the summer season so I was lucky to pick these up. The pink one is angora and will make a soft cosy cot blanket and some cuddly spunkee toys.
And lastly this beautiful hand crocheted wool blanket. It was a bit pricey by church op shop standards so I decided not to buy it initially, but I couldn’t stop thinking about so went back the next day and thankfully it was still there!Thanks to dottie angel, I think I’ve discovered I have a thing for blankets. I only realised it once I had bought this blanket. I actually counted 32 blankets in our house! Some are in use on our beds, many in the cupboard, but I just couldn’t hide this one away.
Head over to Sophie’s Flea Market Finds for more great treasures.

And don't forget the Baby Show Ticket Giveaway.


Jennie said...

You did right there! Going back to get that blanket! It is absolutely gorgeous. And I love the dolls face too!

Amanda said...

my nan had a green lid jar exactly like that and i used to sneak into the cupboard and steal dried apricots from it! great find.

love the jumpers and blanket too :)

Little Ted Canvas said...

That rug is really beautiful, lucky duck! Your other little finds are great too, sweet doll.

teddybearswednesday said...

that jug is super cute. And the rug is beautiful!

yardage girl said...

Some lovely finds there - the jar is fab! Nic

Sarah said...

Oooh! I LOVE that blanket. It looks great on your lounge

marian said...

i've got a thing for woollen blankets too lol! you did well getting the crochet granny one..very nice!

btw i've got a jar like that..isn't it groovy!

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

What a fabulous blanket! Great finds indeed, love that jar too! Thanks so much for playing along.
Sophie x

Katie said...

Lovely finds! I have a thing for crochet blankets too, I got both my boys a big blanket with blue red and white granny squares that some old dear had made for our hospital oppy. They were $30 each but the wool alone in them is worth way more and the boys love them. So worth it in my books!

Tracey said...

fabulous photo wall! Will have to post mine when I finally manage to gather enough thrifted frames (I am determined to not buy anymore new).
Have just started following your lovely blog :)

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