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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun things to do with kids #2:- Tiger Ears

We went to the Melbourne zoo the other day. We saw lots of animals. Highlights were the seals in their new pool, the butterfly house
and the lions
Unfortunately the queues were very long to see the new baby elephant so we didn’t get to see her. We had a great fun family day and then we went into the zoo shop. Khye spotted the tiger ear headbands and wanted them. He really wanted them. There were tears. So Sean said “I’ll make you some tiger ears when we get home”!!!!

So a snooze in the car and an hour later, here is the making of the tiger ears!

What is he drawing on the cardboard?

Oh I see, he’s making it like a headband?!

Cutting it out

Trying it on for size. "That'll do"!

More cutting out

What’s he doing now?

Oh okay, he’s making some orange headbands.

Missed a couple of photos here (must have been distracted by Maya) but Sean tells me he glued the orange headbands onto the cardboard headband.

He then asked Khye to point to where he should draw the tiger’s stripes. I would have just asked Khye to draw the stripes himself…

And then it’s time to have fun getting down on all fours and roaring like a tiger!

But there were some problems ‘cos the headband kept falling off his head.

So back to the design table for some modifications.
Looks like he’s sticking some straps on at the back and the front.
Yep and it’s back to roaming and roaring like a tiger!

It’s not how I would have made tiger ears but they both had lots of fun!

(I would have made them like the reindeer ears!)

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