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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oppie Treasures

It was another good week at the op shops with a few more treasures found. Apart from the pretty fairy dress and silver pixie shoes that Khye has been wearing all weekend (his father is horrified and refused to let me post photos - we'll save them for the 21st!) I also found this gorgeous little cloth dolly for Maya.
She needs a wash but her face is so pretty.
This light cotton market bag – I love green and spots!
I love the green lid and spots on this jar too!
I also found these wool jumpers. They are a bit rare during the summer season so I was lucky to pick these up. The pink one is angora and will make a soft cosy cot blanket and some cuddly spunkee toys.
And lastly this beautiful hand crocheted wool blanket. It was a bit pricey by church op shop standards so I decided not to buy it initially, but I couldn’t stop thinking about so went back the next day and thankfully it was still there!Thanks to dottie angel, I think I’ve discovered I have a thing for blankets. I only realised it once I had bought this blanket. I actually counted 32 blankets in our house! Some are in use on our beds, many in the cupboard, but I just couldn’t hide this one away.
Head over to Sophie’s Flea Market Finds for more great treasures.

And don't forget the Baby Show Ticket Giveaway.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Show Ticket Giveaway

Thanks to Ecotoys I have some Baby Show tickets to giveaway. The tickets are worth $20 and the Baby Show is in Melbourne next week from Friday 5th - Sunday 7th March.

Ecotoys will be exhibiting at the Baby Show with their beautiful range of toys made from natural, sustainable and recycled materials. They will also have some fantastic offers and giveaways at the show including this gorgeous organic baby hamper valued at $240.

You may even see some of my spunkee soft toys at the Ecotoys exhibit!

To receive your free ticket to the Baby Show please email me with your name and email address. You will then be subscribed to the Ecotoys e-newsletter and we will send you a ticket via email which you can print and present at the Baby Show.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Creative Space

This is where I spent most of my day today – in my favourite part of our garden.

I find it very peaceful here and it’s so nice sitting on the cool grass on a warm day. I blew bubbles for Maya who has never seen bubbles before and she was fascinated by them!
Then while Maya slept I finally completed this tiny babushka brooch that I had started at christmas time.
The pattern is from this book that Sean and the kiddies gave me for Christmas.
And I also photographed some of my spunkee softies in the garden. These softies are bound for my
new etsy store and for the Ecotoys stall at the Baby Show in Melbourne next weekend.

Head over to
Kootooyoo to visit heaps of other great creative spaces.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Op Shop Treasures

This week I’ve had a good run with the op shops. Apart from picking up some practical things like a hat for Khye, some clothes for Maya and a wasp trap for Sean (which I hope will also trap some of those darned flies), I also found some “treasures” for myself.

This lovely fabric covered Address and Telephone book.

I love green – I’m always drawn to green stuff.
I love the inside too. The index letters down the side almost look hand stamped with their imperfections.

But I have a dilemma, as I always do with these sorts of things. I don’t know whether to actually use it or not. If I use it the beauty of it might be spoiled but then what’s the point of having it cluttering up precious cupboard or bookshelf space. What I’ll probably end up doing is putting it away to “think” about and then forget about it! What do you think I should do – use it or not?

This beautiful silky scarf which Maya loves when I drape it over her. She loves the silky smooth texture on her hands and feet… and tongue!
And I love the orange and pink together with the black. It reminds me of this scarf I bought a few weeks ago.
I found two of these linen tea towels and although I’m not a huge fan of pink I really like these. I think it might actually be the greens that I like.
And the squirrel is my favourite panel.
I also found this yummy pure wool blanket. I love the woven pattern – it’s the same as a couple of other blankets we inherited from Sean’s grandparents and although they’re pink, I love them.
And lastly I picked up this kids wooden kitchen. I’ve been looking for a kitchen for a while and have resisted all the plastic kitchens I’ve seen and I’m so glad I did ‘cos this wooden version is great. The oven door is missing but that’s okay – I don’t think Khye has noticed. Last night he cooked us some yummy playdough pizzas!
I’ve been having lots of fun playing along with Sophie’s Flea Market Finds each week and checking out all the treasures other people have found.

Until next week, happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where is she?

I lost Maya yesterday...

...amongst all her pretty flowers. If it wasn't for her limbs and her head, I don't think I'd ever have found her!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kitchen Love & Op Shop Bargains

Today I’m playing along with Punky & Me's Kitchen Love and Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds.

The kitchen is not my favourite room in the house ‘cos being in it usually means work ie. dishes, cooking etc. But it is nicer to be in now. See it used to be pink – pink cupboards, pink benchtops, pink handles. Last year Sean painted the cupboards white, changed the door handles and he made timber benchtops. He’s done a fantastic job and it looks great. And now at least I feel more comfortable doing the dishes and cooking!

Another part of the kitchen that I love are the spice racks on the wall. And I have been enjoying making salads for our summer BBQs in my favourite green pyrex bowls that Sean found at the op shop recently. I love green!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun things to do with kids #2:- Tiger Ears

We went to the Melbourne zoo the other day. We saw lots of animals. Highlights were the seals in their new pool, the butterfly house
and the lions
Unfortunately the queues were very long to see the new baby elephant so we didn’t get to see her. We had a great fun family day and then we went into the zoo shop. Khye spotted the tiger ear headbands and wanted them. He really wanted them. There were tears. So Sean said “I’ll make you some tiger ears when we get home”!!!!

So a snooze in the car and an hour later, here is the making of the tiger ears!

What is he drawing on the cardboard?

Oh I see, he’s making it like a headband?!

Cutting it out

Trying it on for size. "That'll do"!

More cutting out

What’s he doing now?

Oh okay, he’s making some orange headbands.

Missed a couple of photos here (must have been distracted by Maya) but Sean tells me he glued the orange headbands onto the cardboard headband.

He then asked Khye to point to where he should draw the tiger’s stripes. I would have just asked Khye to draw the stripes himself…

And then it’s time to have fun getting down on all fours and roaring like a tiger!

But there were some problems ‘cos the headband kept falling off his head.

So back to the design table for some modifications.
Looks like he’s sticking some straps on at the back and the front.
Yep and it’s back to roaming and roaring like a tiger!

It’s not how I would have made tiger ears but they both had lots of fun!

(I would have made them like the reindeer ears!)

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