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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Creative Space

I need some advice. Yesterday I found some Levi's Red Tab jeans my size and they fit perfectly, except they were too short! TOO SHORT?!?! How can they possibly be too short?!?! I have never ever had this problem before. In fact I have always had to take my pants up! I hate taking pants up which is why I usually buy and wear skirts. Anyway, like I said these jeans were a perfect fit and the price was pretty good too. "Ladies slacks half price" the sign said. That included jeans. So I bought them for all of $2, thinking that I could find some way of lengthening them or if that didn't work I could make shorts for next summer. After rummaging through my fabric stash, I found some paisley corduroy that I sewed as a cuff to the bottom of the jeans.

What do you think?
Do they look okay? Or are they a bit daggy? Sean says I have prettied them up but he doesn't really care. When I tried them on I kinda thought they looked a bit pyjamary. I'm not sure. Would you wear them in public?

What else do I have in my creative space this week? I should have been sewing new spunkee stuff and preparing for the Sugar & Spice Cildren's Market in Woodend in June, but I haven't been doing that.

I did finish an old Work-In-Progress for my grandmother though.

This bird is made from reclaimed wool fabric and I used the pattern I designed for these love birds.

As you can see by the photos, I finished sewing the wings in the car on our long drive up to see my grandmother. Last minute as always!

What else? Oh yes, I packaged up and sent my retro swap parcel - thanks for your very encouraging comments last week,

and yesterday I received my swap goodies,

with a pretty card from Little Wise Owl.

A handy calico market bag and a cute little fabric covered notebook. Thanks Beckie!

Oh and of course my pincushion is finished and will be packaged up and posted today. I'll show the pics next week.

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Amanda said...

I think the jeans are cute especially with solid color shoes... And adorable bird!

beck said...

I love your birdie! The jeans look great too, not daggy at all! Great space xo

Kirsty said...

I love the bird. It's gorgeous.

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh wow, busy,busy! Your jeans do look cute, nice idea & you know you could always tuck them into boots if you're not sure... & I love that bird!

Knicky Knacks said...

I think the pants are great! The bird is beautiful and a wonderful shape. Like the backdrop of the road in the photo. Clever.

Knicky Knacks said...

I think the pants are great! The bird is beautiful and a wonderful shape. Like the backdrop of the road in the photo. Clever.

teddybearswednesday said...

The birdie is just gorgeous. Love him!!

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I think they look great and I would wear them in public. Do you have a bit more of the paisley? You could add a feature to the back pocket to tie it in a bit more.

Kate said...

I love your little bird so much. Its great to have a portable craft to work on during those long car journeys. Have a great weekend.

bec said...

so glad you like your swap goodies!
the birdie is sooooooo cute!

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